3D Product Animation

Product Presentation Transformation - Image to 3D Render

ArcSmile, a leading teeth whitening equipment provider, approached us with a unique challenge. They had iPhone photographs of their products and packaging, but the quality was subpar for promotional and marketing purposes. Our task was to elevate these images into beautiful and stunning 3D visuals that aligned with the brand identity of ArcSmile.

Low-Quality iPhone Photos: The client provided images taken with an iPhone, lacking the clarity and detail required for effective marketing.

Brand Identity: Ensuring that the 3D visuals aligned seamlessly with ArcSmile’s brand identity was crucial.

Custom 3D Modeling: We started by creating detailed 3D models of each product from scratch. This allowed us to control every aspect of the scene.

Scene Composition: Building on the brand guidelines, we carefully crafted scenes that not only showcased the products but also conveyed the essence of ArcSmile.

Texture and Lighting: Attention to detail in applying textures and setting up lighting conditions was paramount to achieve realistic and visually appealing results.

Feedback Loop: Regular communication with the client ensured that their vision and expectations were met throughout the process.

Stunning Visuals: The final 3D visuals surpassed the quality of the original iPhone photos, presenting ArcSmile’s products in a visually striking manner, thus increasing customer engagement and brand memorability

Brand Consistency: Our meticulous approach ensured that the visuals seamlessly integrated with ArcSmile’s brand identity, reinforcing brand consistency.

Client Satisfaction: ArcSmile expressed immense satisfaction with the transformation of their product presentations. The 3D visuals exceeded their expectations and became valuable assets for marketing and promotional activities.

Final 3D Product Shots

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