3D Product Animation

Ayr Corporation - 3D Cannabis Product Photography

The Client required full CG Photography for thousands of product SKUs in a really short timeframe.

That required digitizing all products and packages from photo-reference at scale and finding a reliable way to represent the texture sensitive cannabis bud flowers which were the top seller on all cannabis websites Ayr Corp owned.

Photogrammetry was used for all cannabis flower buds so we could achieve the most realism in the shortest amount of time

Below are some hand picked examples of the product renders that were created

3D Product Photography Examples

Another big Client request was to be able to use 3D Product Visuals across their website to promote heavily product launches or special promotions either on separate modules or in the form of 3D Landing Pages which would accompany the promotional CTA.

These visuals were produced on short notice and were changed frequently on the websites as new sale promotions and product launches came along. Different versions were made for Desktop and Mobile

Below you can see some examples of that work

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