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TransLawtion : 60% click through rate increase

TransLawtion, a distinguished translation firm steeped in legal expertise, sought to update their visuals on their brand new website.

They wanted something that would make them stand out from other competitor websites and provide a premium feel for their brand, increasing the perceived value of their services.

Crafting a 3D Landing Page for TransLawtion’s website in a one week timeline and making it as efficient as possible, optimized for load speeds was our task.

We wanted to make a short looping animation that would play both on desktop and mobile and quickly provide enough information about the services of the business but also aesthetic.

We came up with two different animations boasting TransLawtions’s branding one for the landing page and one used as a visual animated element in the website.

They feature the languages TransLawtion operates in so the visitors know immediately if they are in the right place or not. Parts of the animation frames have been reused as seperate website visual elements through their website.

TransLawtion - Loop Animations

The Client was amazed by the Visuals and how they fit in their new website. The 3D Landing Page caught the attention of the visitor and boosted the engagement rates and visitor stay time.

Furthermore TransLawtion shared that their new website had a 60% percent increase in clickthrough rates and a 10% boost on calls booked per month since their launch.

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